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     Support antiwar campaign in Russia

Human rights organizations in Russia:

DOXA  independent Russian media, help pay fines for students 

OVD-info – independent human rights media project, defending the rights of

detainees at rallies and actions in court

Apologia of protest – legal assistance in cases of violation of human

rights and freedoms

First department – lawyers and assistance to those who are

accused of treason

Committee Against Torture  assistance to those who suffered from

the violence of the security forces

Zabralo  human rights project in Nizhny Novgorod

ArestSPB  help with the protection of rights in St. Petersburg

AvtozakLive – write about the violation of rights in Russia, protests

and lawlessness of the security forces

Open Space – help for activists

Transfer for the prisoner – help collect and distribute parcels to detainees

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