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This table is made to support the artists and cultural workers that are in danger and need of the informational or financial support because of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Here, we've collected all useful links from institutions, foundations and individuals who wish to help Ukranian artists and Russian\Belorusian dissidents.

Emergency Support sheet is dedicated mostly to those who need urgent support, such as refugees from Ukraine or activists/artists from Russia and Belarus, who are now suppressed by the regime because of their anti-war actions or public political activity. These people need to get help asap.


Long-Term Opportunities sheet includes scholarships, residencies, grants, and foundations that provide long-term support. If you are not in danger right now and think what to do next, please check these resources.

Visa Application Help we've added all persons and institutions that are able to help with visa applications in different forms.


We also have a list of people who are ready to help with the translation of your applications. We have translators for English, German, French, Italian, Hebrew, Greek. Please email us if you need help translating:

The table can be found separately here: resque forum 


You can also find help on the map


If you want to provide support or ask for support please do not hesitate to contact us

If you need money to buy tickets out of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, please don't hesitate to contact us

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